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The faculty at the college provides guidance to students with an aim to achieve a balanced professional education. Well-qualified faculty members have been appointed by the institute. The presence of faculty helps students to orient and make them understand their chosen design discipline. Experts from respective fields are invited as visiting teachers to interact with the students. The College also organizes Lectures, audio-visual presentations, exhibitions, workshops and field visits conducted by experienced professionals from the industry at regular intervals.


Name of the Staff Designation Qualification Teaching Experience Professional Experience  
Core Faculty  
Prof.Sanjeev Patil      Principal  M.Tech  30 yrs  30 yrs  
Prof. Rashmi Gawande Assistant Professor M.Arch    3 yrs 10 yrs
Prof. Varshali Aringale Assistant Professor B.Arch    2 yrs 15 yrs
Prof. Sayali Gogte Assistant Professor  B.Arch. 1 yrs 3 yrs
Prof. Shahnawaz Maniyar Assistant Professor  B.Arch 1 yrs 10 yrs
Prof Vaibhav Kharde Assistant Professor B.E. Civil 1 yrs 2 yrs  
Visiting Faculty  
Ar. Nilesh Chawan Assistant Professor B.Arch 4 yrs 15 yrs
Ar. Nilesh Wagh Assistant Professor B.Arch 2 yrs 15 yrs
Ar. Chetan Aher Assistant Professor B.Arch 2 yrs 15 yrs  
Ar. Pankaj Pund Assistant Professor B.Arch 1 yrs 15 yrs

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