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NASA 2015

The National Association of Students of Architecture (NASA India) is one of the largest Architectural Student Organizations in the world with student participants from more than two hundred colleges all over the India and countries around the world. 

The main objective of NASA India is to create a platform for architecture students to learn and interact, engage them directly and indirectly through both online and offline platforms. NASA India conducts events, conventions, seminars, workshops, design competitions & trophies and many other activities.

Pravara college of Architecture has actively participating in NASA programs.




ALUMNI MEET 2016 (Aura’16)

Pravara College of Architecture has conducted Alumni meet in 2016 to encourage participation of Alumni’s with the students. The Aim of bringing the alumni together was to create an interaction between the industry and the institute to make the opportunity in the rural as well as in Urban areas.

The meet was attended by more than twenty Alumni and all of them had put their experiences and interacted with student and gave their guidelines for their bright future in the field of Architecture.




Annual Social Gathering

Pravara College of Architecture has been conducting every year an annual social gathering in college campus encourage and bringing distinguished authors, performing artists, musicians, and visual artists, as well as featuring our faculty and students.




Sports Activities



Student Activities

A. Days Celebration:





B. Campus Enhancement



Teacher’s Day



Ganapati Festival





A. Photography Competition



Save Water

Stop Smoking

Save Water

Team Work

Ride for Heart


B. Digital Poster Competition for Magazine Front Page




A. Workshop of Mr. Pramod Kamble (Painter, Sculptor)


B. Workshop of Model Making by Prof. Shimpi



A. Design in architecture Curriculum: Methods & Models of Teaching



Site Visits

A. Settlement study at Puntamba

B. Settlement Study at Yeola


C. Site Visit for Study of R.C.C. Structure

D. Settlement Study at Newasa

E. Site Visit for Study of Acoustics

F. Settlement Study at Paithan

Study Tours

Every year from Pravara college of Architecture students are taken out for study tour to the various places in India to understand cultural and historical values of that respective places and also study the Architecture of that particular place.

Study tour gives an opportunity to the students of Architecture to closely observe and study different types of India architectural style, its element and its design. Site visits to various scales of ongoing projects related to the field are conducted through acquaintances to help students gain practical knowledge.

A. Gujrat 


B. Sawantwadi and Goa



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